It turns out hiring people who will be in the top half is pretty easy. You just have to stop making hiring mistakes.

However, hiring someone who will wind up in the top 25% is a little tougher to figure out. In this case competency is not enough. Motivation is the key. The Hiring Formula for Success shown in the image describes the factors that can accurately predict on-the-success and satisfaction.

Here’s how to stop making mistakes:

Here’s how to figure out if someone has the motivation to be in the 25%:

Here are some ideas candidates can use to figure out if a job offer is likely to propel them into the top 25%.

Everyone knows the hiring process can be frustrating. Candidates spend hours filling out applications and going through interviews, only to be told they didn’t get the job. Meanwhile, employers often have a hard time finding qualified candidates, and the hiring process can drag on for weeks or even months.

Regardless, it’s important to remember that hiring is a crucial decision-making process, and rushing into it can lead to long-term mistakes. Too often, companies and candidates make hiring decisions in a rush to alleviate some short-term pain or inconvenience. However, taking the time to make a thoughtful hiring decision can pay off in the long run. For employers, hiring the right candidate can mean having a high-performing employee who is a valuable asset to the company. For candidates, taking the time to find the right job can mean landing a position that drives their growth and learning.

In short, making the right hiring decision can be the difference between being in the top 25%, or not.