The Win-Win Hiring℠ Workshop for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

This workshop is designed for recruiters, sourcers and hiring managers of all levels who want to master the art of recruiting and hire outstanding talent for any job.

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Why Win-Win Hiring

A world-class recruiting team requires great recruiters. We help recruiting teams (both corporate and 3rd party) optimize their skills using AI-based advanced techniques to find, assess, and attract top talent. The Win-Win Hiring process we teach is consistent, predictable, repeatable, and fully integrated into your hiring process, often being used to support onboarding and performance management as well.

What We Teach

The Adler Group trains recruiters to hire great people by delivering the only end-to-end performance-based approach to hiring.

Performance-based Hiring process graphic

Performance-based Hiring Workshop for Recruiters - Agenda

This workshop is designed to equip recruiters and hiring managers with the tools needed to attract, assess and recruit outstanding talent using Performance-based Hiring. Self-paced courses supplement the live training portion in addition to using our ChatGPT bot to accelerate learning. Key to Success: hiring managers and recruiters will work on a case study search project as part of this course.

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Module 1: Performance-based Hiring and Redesigning the Job Description

  • Introduction to Performance-based Hiring: A business process for improving quality of hire, attracting stronger people and avoiding hiring mistakes.

  • Defining success as a series of performance objective rather than a list of skills, experiences and competencies to open the talent to more highly qualified and diverse talent.

  • Creating the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) answering the question, “Why would an outstanding candidate consider this role a true career move?

Module 2: Sourcing Outstanding Passive and Diverse Candidates

  • Developing a deep networks of referrals leveraging LinkedIn.

  • Using “Clever Boolean” to direct source highly qualified semi-finalists.

  • Writing compelling messages and social media to maximize response rates.

  • Using AI to improve productivity, quality of candidate and time to fill.

Module 3: The Basics of the Performance-based Interview

  • Using the exploratory phone screen and most significant accomplishment question to accurately assess ability, motivation and recruitability.

  • Using Sherlock Holmes’ evidence gathering techniques to evaluate team fit and soft skills.

  • The power of the panel interview to increase objectivity and reduce bias.

Module 4: Conducting the Complete Performance-based Interview and Assessment Process

  • How the problem-solving question can be used to assess impact and potential.

  • Using the the Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard and “narrow focusing” to increase assessment accuracy.

  • Conducting a formal debriefing to minimize “group think,” bias and the power of big thumbs.

Module 5: Recruiting, Closing and Negotiating Offers

  • Uncovering and overcoming objections is the key to closing more offers.

  • Learn how to negotiate offers based on the size of the career move not the compensation package.

  • Use testing and a sequence-of-steps techniques to prevent counteroffers and maximize offer acceptance rates.

This course emphasizes a disciplined approach to hiring that goes beyond assessing skills and experience, emphasizing motivation and fit in order to achieve more Win-Win Hiring outcomes. As important is the idea that candidates need to consider the career opportunity the role entails, not just the size of the compensation package. This is why Performance-based Hiring can improve quality of hire and post-hire performance, engagement and satisfaction.

AI tools

Use Performance-based Hiring and AI (ChatGPT/CoPilot/Gemini) to attract and hire the top 25%.

During our AI-powered training you will:
• More quickly find outstanding talent using AI with Performance-based Hiring
• Create instant performance-based interview guides for any position
• Learn how to predict and measure Quality of Hire using our Talent Scorecard
• Discover hidden techniques to hire new and seasoned Account Executives

Too many companies are using AI to be more efficient doing what they’re now doing. We’re using it to hire stronger and more talented people for all critical positions. Come join us and find out how.

Dates, Time & Cost

A full-year of training and access to our complete online suite of tools is just $1500. This includes access to Lou Adler’s “Win-Win Hiring Platform”. This self-paced learning platform is a great supplement to the online course.

July 2024

1. Defining On-The-Job Success (July 12)
2. Sourcing & Networking (July 19)
3. Interviewing & Assessment – Parts 1 & 2 (July 26 & Aug 2)
4. Overcoming Objections & Closing (Aug 9)

Each 2-hour class begins at 8am U.S. Pacific (11am Eastern)

September 2024

1. Defining On-The-Job Success (Sept. 6)
2. Sourcing & Networking (Sept. 13)
3. Interviewing & Assessment – Parts 1 & 2 (Sept. 20 & Sept. 27)
4. Overcoming Objections & Closing (Oct. 4)

Each 2-hour class begins at 8am U.S. Pacific (11am Eastern)

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BONUS for Performance-based Hiring Attendees ONLY:

One benefit of this course is the case study approach where recruiters and hiring managers work together on an active search project. BONUS 1: there is no charge for your hiring manager guest to attend Modules 1 and 3 (Module 3 has two parts/sessions) with you. Your guest will be added after you sign-up for the course. BONUS 2: all Performance-based Hiring recruiter workshop alumni with current active memberships (this automatically includes everyone who attended this past year!) are eligible for this same offer. If your membership has expired you can easily renew it ($600, includes Win-Win Hiring Learning System) for another year and be eligible for this same offer.

Why Attend

  • Become a Talent Advisor: Use the strategy session with hiring managers to leverage ChatGPT to create performance-based job descriptions that improve sourcing, increase interviewing accuracy and effectiveness, and reduce bias.

  • Attract the Best Candidates: Learn how to create a compelling message using the “intrinsic motivator” and craft an effective employee value proposition (EVPs) that will entice top candidates who want to do the job, not just get the job.

  • Network Like a Professional: Increase your recruiter's ability to find top active, semi-active, and diverse passive candidates using a combination of advanced sourcing techniques and multiple sourcing channels.

  • Close Top Talent: Enable recruiters to recruit, convince, and influence top candidates at every step in the hiring process.

What You Get

  • 1-year access to the best recruiting training ever designed – practical, actionable, proven
  • Five 2-hour live-online sessions covering every aspect of recruiting from taking the assignment to closing top talent
  • All the tools (interview guides, scorecards and guidance) needed to conduct powerful Performance-based interviews for any position
  • Performance-based Hiring Recruiter Certification

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