The Refereed Panel Interview

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Our Refereed Panel Interview integrates Performance-based Hiring™ techniques into the unstructered panel interview to maximise this crucial step in the recruiting process.

The Refereed Panel Interview

A "Refereed Panel Interview," using a performance-based interview format, offers a structured and effective approach to achieve these goals. This method involves one leader asking the major questions while panelists seek clarification without changing the topic.

Key Component 1: Preparation of Performance-Based Job Description – Before conducting the interview, it is crucial to prepare a performance-based job description. This document outlines key performance objectives (KPOs, not KPIs!) and specific challenges the new hire will face. Without this foundation, it's challenging to assess whether a candidate is motivated and capable of performing the required tasks under the actual job circumstances.

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Key Component 2: Structured Questioning – The interview is led by a primary interviewer, aka the "Referee," who asks the main questions. The panelists' role is to seek clarification and delve deeper into the candidate's responses, ensuring a thorough understanding of their experience and skills. This approach prevents the interview from veering off-topic and maintains focus on the job-related factors.

Benefits of the Refereed Panel Interview

Here are a few of the benefits of implementing this way of interviewing. Click each "+" below to learn more about each benefit.

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1. Concrete Evidence of Job Fit

By focusing on specific performance objectives and real job needs, this interview format provides concrete evidence of a candidate’s fit for the role. Panelists can gather detailed information about the candidate’s past accomplishments, problem-solving abilities, and team experiences. This evidence-based approach ensures that hiring decisions are grounded in actual job requirements.

2. Reduction of Bias

The refereed panel interview helps minimize biases in several ways. Firstly, the structured format ensures that all candidates are asked the same set of core questions, promoting consistency. Secondly, the panelists’ role is limited to clarification, which reduces the influence of individual biases. Finally, by focusing on job-related factors and evidence of past performance, the process emphasizes objective criteria over subjective impressions.

3. Increased Interview Accuracy

This method allows for a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate’s capabilities. The interview covers various aspects, including job-specific skills, achievements, and teamwork. During the debriefing session, each panelist can offer insights based on their areas of expertise, leading to a well-rounded assessment of the candidate.

4. Measure Quality of Hire

The Quality of Hire talent scorecard converts each factor into a numerical score with each factor weighted differently. The total score represents a predicted value for Quality of Hire. Since the measurement is based on the candidate’s past performance doing work comparable to the real KPOs of the role, the same scorecard can be used to measure post-hire performance.

Key Component 3: The Formal Debrief

Conducting a formal debriefing using the Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard is an essential component of the refereed panel interview process. This step ensures that all panelists collectively review and discuss their findings based on the structured interview. The Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard provides a framework for evaluating candidates on various competencies and fit factors.

Consistency and Objectivity

Using the scorecard as a guide ensures that each panelist evaluates the candidate based on the same criteria. This consistency helps to mitigate individual biases and provides a more objective basis for comparison. Each panelist explains their evidence, contributing to a shared understanding of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

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