Become a Performance-based Hiring Coach using our Win-Win Hiring Learning Platform

Train your recruiters and hiring managers to attract, recruit, interview and close more outstanding diverse talent.

Become a Performance-based Hiring Expert User and Coach

Our self-paced The Hiring Manager Combo Course course is a low-cost and proven approach for interviewing candidates for any role. Here’s what one CEO said after taking the course and using it to hire a COO:

“SUPERLATIVE. Logical, well-articulated, clear, rational and completely practicable.”

Scaling it company-wide requires a strong coach to guide hiring managers through the learning process and helping them conducting their first interviews. Becoming a certified Performance-based Hiring Coach, or CFA (Coach, Facilitator, Admin for the LMS) starts with a quick phone call.

  • Impact of Performance-based Hiring
  • Low cost scalable process for sourcing, recruiting and interviewing the strongest talent
  • Reduces hiring mistakes AND increases interviewing accuracy
  • The performance qualified assessment approach opens the talent pool to more diverse and high potential talent
  • Interviewer bias is exposed, controlled and eliminated
  • Prospects are offered career-based planning tools

Implementing Performance-based Hiring Using our Win-Win Hiring Learning Platform

Step 1: Embedded Search

Demo proof to exec team via senior level search project with hands-on training.

Step 2: Recruiter Training

Online and onsite Performance-based Hiring certification training.

Step 3: Facilitator Training

Develop expert users our Win-Win Hiring Learning Platform to ensure adoption & success.

Step 4: Train Hiring Managers

Rollout Win-Win Hiring mapping to actual hiring needs and track results.

Step 5: Integrate with ATS

Modify hiring process and embed interview guides and scorecard.

Step 6: Scale Internally

Monitor progress and performance. Build library of job profiles.

"It has now been one year since we changed our recruitment approach to Performance-based Hiring...

…and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.”

K.C., Procom

Performance-based Hiring
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