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Hire Outstanding Talent for Critical Staff, Technical and Management Positions for a 1% Fee

Upon completing the registration form below, you’ll receive a summary version of our latest competency model and a link to a recent webcast recording describing how to rank your recruiting team on the 10 core skills covered in the competency model. These relate to the three most common hiring challenges most companies face shown in the infographic. By ranking your recruiters on this scale you’ll quickly see what they need to do to handle more mission-critical hiring projects.

This complimentary introductory lesson to Performance-based Hiring will help you understand how the competency model was created.

To see where your team stands on these critical skills, download the model and rank your recruiting team on each of the 10 competencies using the following 1-4 scale. This is great way to help your recruiters become better by handling more difficult hiring projects.

The rankings reflect the increasingly difficult challenges associated with handling more important positions and working with more passive and more discriminating talent.

Ranking Scale by Hiring Challenges

Level 1 – Minimally qualified to handle high volume screening of candidates who apply.

Level 2 – Fully qualified to source and screen skills-qualified active candidate who either apply or respond to an outbound email campaign.

Level 3 – Fully qualified to source, recruit, assess and close top performers who are either passive or active candidates and who receive multiple offers.

Level 4 – Fully qualified to find and hire outstanding people for executive level roles.

Recruiter Competency Model

At our next online four-part workshop recruiters will have an opportunity to become certified Level 3 recruiters by completing a critical search project with a hiring manager. The total fee for this is about 1% of the compensation of the person who’s hired for both the hiring manager and recruiter to participate in the program. This is the lowest fee you’ll ever pay for hiring a top-tier person for any critical role. Even better, you’ll only have to pay it once.

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