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Recruiter Competency Model

Upon completing the registration form below, you’ll be sent a link to our July 29, 2020 webcast recording. The video will help you better understand the core skills required to be an effective full-cycle corporate or staffing firm recruiter.

While being a talent partner to your hiring managers is essential, this is no longer enough, at least if you want to source, recruit, interview and hire the best and most diverse talent. In addition, you also must be a career consultant to your candidates. Our new Recruiter Competency Model highlights the critical skills needed to handle the challenges involved when dealing with both of these critical decision-makers.

To see where you stand, just complete the form below if you’d like a sample of our new Recruiter Competency Model. You'll receive a full copy of the model during the online review session.

Once you’ve scored yourself, here are some additional steps you can take to improve your ranking from good to great.

This complimentary introductory lesson to Performance-based Hiring will help you understand how the competency model was created.

Become almost great by registering for our self-paced Performance-based Hiring online workshop.

Become really great by becoming a certified Performance-based Hiring Talent Advisor and Career Consultant. You’ll need to attend our live Performance-based Hiring program to achieve this level and complete a case-study search project. While it takes hard work, you’ll quickly be rewarded for your efforts.


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