95% of All Job Descriptions Prevent Companies from Hiring the Best and Most Diverse Talent

Here is a story about the other 5%...

The Product Manager Performance-based Job Description was the result of a very different conversation one of our senior consultants had with the Head of Products at a mid-sized tech company in Silicon Valley. She needed a new product manager and wanted help finding the best. Rather than asking the standard questions we often hear from most when they take a new assignment – “What are you looking for?” he instead asked her the following five questions:

  1. What does the person need to do to be considered successful in this role and how will you measure it?
  2. What’s the major objective or biggest challenge?
  3. What do the best people do differently than average people in this role?
  4. Are there any team or managerial issues that need to be addressed?
  5. How would you describe the environment that this person will be working in?
rarely great hires

Who would you rather hire, someone who can deliver the results, or someone who has all the skills?

We challenge you to put these questions to the test – ask one of your recruiters to use these five questions in their next intake meeting with a hiring manager. If they ask these questions in the right way and they know how to ask insightful probing fact-finding questions, they should be able to create a rudimentary Performance-based job description. From there we can help you learn how to use the power of AI and ChatGPT to make your job description even more compelling. Changing the conversation with a manager from “Having” to “Doing” changes EVERYTHING about recruiting. Which is why we devote the first two hours of our recruiter training to taking the assignment, knowing the job and translating that into a compelling message (The EVP).

While this approach gives you one missing piece of the recruiting puzzle, it doesn’t give you enough to truly revolutionize how you recruit. For that you’ll need the rest of the story. To get that you’ll need to do one of the following two options:


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