Performance-based Hiring Training

Workshops for Talent Leaders, Hiring Managers and Recruiters

Our workshops, including our catalog of online courses, are fast and convenient ways to integrate Performance-based Hiring™ techniques into all phases of your company's recruiting process.

Training for Recruiting Teams

Our recruiter training enables corporate and 3rd party recruiting teams to move from reactive, tactical, transactional recruiters to Trusted Advisors to both hiring managers and candidates.

Our comprehensive recruiter training covers full life cycle recruiting using our Recruiter Competency Model. We upskill recruiters to accurately identify, source, attract, assess and close top 25% candidates with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and removing bias. Recruiters present candidates in a way that matches transferable performance, not just skills and experience, to key performance objectives. Training can be delivered online, onsite, public and/or private.

Training for Managers & Interviewers

Hiring managers and recruiters must be on the same team playing by the same rules to win in today's competitive hunt for top talent. Our interview training for hiring managers teaches simple, yet powerful hiring skills to get hiring managers, recruiters, and every member of the interviewing team up-to-speed on how to interview and recruit top talent. It's available as an on-site or online workshop, in full and half day versions.

Become a Coach (CFA) or Trainer

If you have a large group of managers to be trained and want to implement Performance-based Hiring company wide, contact us about becoming either a CFA (Coach, Facilitator and Administrator) or a Certified Performance-based Hiring instructor.

Self-paced Learning

The Win-Win Hiring Learning Platform embeds Lou Adler's entire Performance-based Hiring expert hiring process into an easy-to-use mobile-ready application.
We provide 24/7 in-depth learning at scale for both recruiters and hiring managers available in a wide variety of online courses. Check out our offerings.


What makes Performance-based Hiring so different?

Performance-based Hiring is an end-to-end, four-step process for hiring top talent. It is the only validated methodology that integrates sourcing, screening, interviewing, and recruiting into a seamless approach based on how top people look for, compare, and accept one position over another. Our recruiter training programs can take your team to the highest levels of productivity. It delivers great value to all participants by providing the opportunity for practical group-learning and a foundation to hiring that complements your strategic business initiatives. Our interview training for hiring managers gives managers the skills and confidence they need to conduct powerful and insightful performance-based interviews with candidates of all levels.

Do participants in the live-online, onsite and public training have access to the Win-Win Hiring Learning System?
Yes – participants in the full course receive 1 year access to The Performance-based Hiring Win-Win Hiring learning system, which contains comprehensive recruiter training and interview training for hiring managers.
What else do I get with the full course (four module/class) purchase?
You get a wealth of invaluable tools and resources, including:

  • A copy of Hire With Your Head, 4th Edition (e-book)
  • Laminated and pocket-sized Performance-based Hiring Hot Tips cards
  • The Performance-based Job Description Handbook (downloadable)
  • Recorded versions of each course module
  • Sample performance profiles
  • The 8-step Performance-based Interview
  • The Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard
  • The ability to come back as often as you like for 12 months following the course
  • The option to become a certified Performance-based Hiring recruiter
  • And so much more…
I’m a new recruiter. I’m an experienced recruiter. Would this recruiter training be good for me?
The answer is yes to both. Performance-based Hiring for Recruiters is a great way for new recruiters to learn best practices from the start. And we’ve heard from countless experienced recruiters, that attending this training has revolutionized their business. Check out some of these testimonials.
I’m a corporate recruiter. Is this recruiter training geared toward 3rd party recruiters? (I’m a 3rd party recruiter. Is this recruiter training geared toward corporate recruiters?)
Performance-based Hiring has revolutionized corporate recruiting departments, and skyrocketed third party recruiters’ business. The bottom line is this, we teach you how to find the best candidate for the job and become a trusted advisor to your hiring manager clients – whether you recruit in the corporate world or the 3rd party universe.
How do I register?
You can register online here. If you have more than 10 people to enroll, send us an email at
How will I get my receipt and registration information?

After you’re registered, we’ll send your receipt via e-mail. Then you’ll get course instructions by e-mail, some materials will be downloadable, and others you’ll receive at your shipping address, which you provide when registering.

Can the training be customized?
You bet! Both our recruiter training and interview training for hiring managers can be partially or fully customized. If you are booking a private course for your organization, The Adler Group will spend time with you upfront to fully understand all the issues facing your specific recruiting team. Following this planning session, we will customize certain areas of our curriculum to highlight specific topics for your team such as Hiring Manager partnerships and coaching. We will create an actual performance profile using a common position which will be used as an example during our training. In addition, we can also customize group exercises and homework assignments to meet the critical needs of your recruiting team. There is an extra fee for customization, but we can work all that out before you book your program.
Is the training legally validated?
Absolutely! Our recruiter training and interview training for hiring managers is legally validated. Download the legal white paper here.
We are, or recruit for, the government or government contractors. Does this system meet their compliance?
Absolutely! Our recruiter training and interview training for hiring managers meets government compliance. Download the legal white paper here.
What’s the difference between the Online and On-site classes?
Both Online and On-site recruiter training and interview training for hiring managers classes deliver the same Performance-based Hiring content – but the delivery method changes. Each format offers exercises and breakout sessions that are unique to that learning environment. Both classes are highly interactive. Online attendees are connected to our expert trainers and other students via a virtual classroom. These classes have all the interactivity of in-person training, but from the convenience of your desktop. Both classes offer the same level of coaching, the same opportunity to become Performance-based Hiring Certified, the same Win-Win Hiring platform, and the same level of additional tools, resources, and benefits.
What’s the format like? (Is it just a webinar?)
The live-online recruiter training and interview training for hiring managers courses are delivered via a real-time webinar in classroom style. It’s a very dynamic format. We keep the class size limited so everyone can participate and create a dynamic and rich learning space.
What if I need to miss a class?
It’s no problem. You can make it up.
Do I always have to start with the first module?
No, though we recommend you begin with the first or second module, which are about Defining the Job (creating a compelling job) and Talent-centric Sourcing.
Do you have on-demand online training?

Absolutely – You can check it out here.

Does The Adler Group give a certification?
Yes, registrants in the full recruiter course (four module/class) have the option to become Performance-based Hiring Certified. The Adler Group is also an HRCI, SHRM, and NAPS approved Provider. See the individual program pages, or send an email to, to see how many recertification credit hours your program will receive.

If you need talent to succeed at any level, or within any industry, you need Performance-based Hiring .