Lou Adler's "Win-Win" Hiring using Performance-based Hiring for Recruiters - Online Workshop

$1,500 (Five two-hour sessions)

This course helps recruiting teams (both corporate and 3rd party) optimize their skills using AI-based advanced techniques to find, assess, and attract top talent. The Win-Win Hiring process we teach is consistent, predictable, repeatable, and fully integrated into your hiring process, often being used to support onboarding and performance management as well. Includes:

  • 1-year access to the best recruiting training ever designed – practical, actionable, proven
  • Five 2-hour live-online sessions covering every aspect of recruiting from taking the assignment to closing top talent
  • Access to Lou Adler’s “Win-Win Hiring Platform”. This self-paced learning platform is a great supplement to the online course.
  • All the tools (interview guides, scorecards and guidance) needed to conduct powerful Performance-based interviews for any position
  • Performance-based Hiring Recruiter Certification

The "Win-Win" Performance-based Hiring for Managers - Online Workshop

$750 (Three two-hour sessions)

How to Hire Smart Using Performance-based Hiring™

This workshop is for hiring managers who want to learn how to accurately interview and recruit the strongest talent. A program for hiring managers and everyone who wants to become a great interviewer.

This includes 1-year access to our online course, The Hiring Manager Combo Course, a full set of templates and tools, our unique digital app and an opportunity to learn all of the techniques at our live hands-on workshop.


Hiring Top Performers Using Performance-based Hiring - An Introduction


This self-paced course introduces you to Performance-based Hiring – a complete business process designed to implement a Win-Win Hiring strategy by integrating sourcing, interviewing, recruiting and on-boarding into one seamless system.

win-win hiring - learning system

Performance-based Hiring is Win-Win Hiring - Self-paced Learning

Annual Membership Renewal to Performance-based Hiring Win-Win Hiring Learning System

$600 (full-year renewal)

Alumni, maintain your privilege to attend any Performance-based Hiring for Recruiters Online or Onsite at no additional charge, and don’t miss a beat!

When you renew your membership you’ll be able to attend any public Performance-based Hiring for Recruiters program and get full-year access to Lou’s Performance-based Hiring Win-Win Hiring Learning System. With Win-win Hiring, you’ll have access to downloadable forms, tools and templates, as well as our growing library of performance profiles. Alumni with active memberships can also attend any of their respective public Performance-based Hiring classes at no additional charge.

Hire with Your Head - Fourth Edition

In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Hire With Your Head: Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Outstanding Diverse Teams, influential recruiting and hiring expert Lou Adler delivers a practical guide to consistently identifying and hiring the best people and scaling that process throughout your company.

Hire with Your Head is a must-read resource for anyone seeking to improve their ability to find, attract, and retain the top talent the world has to offer

Quality of Hire ROI Calculator

$10 (file download)

Purchase your own copy of our new Quality of Hire ROI Calculator.

This template is an actual working spreadsheet designed to help you customize and calculate your own return on investment (ROI) relative to hiring the A team. All of the calculations are completely editable allowing you to customize the model to your industry and environment. We’ve also included industry specific data gathered from public sources to help you benchmark your own company against other similar organizations. When properly used, this can provide the bottom line data to justify investments to improve the talent acquisition function including purchasing new tools, recruiter training, and upskilling your whole team. Note: We make no warranty or representations on the accuracy of the data provided.