Book Club: Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head

Recording of last months Book Club session

Webinar: Lou Adler's Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head Book Club

Webinar Date/Time: January 25, 2022, 9am Pacific


Rethinking Your Company's Talent Strategy

According to Lou Adler, most hiring problems can be attributed to the wrong hiring strategy. Lou contends that when the demand for talent exceeds the supply you need to focus on attracting the best, not being more efficient in weeding out the weak. Given this point of view, being super efficient at eliminating unqualified people who have applied to your jobs makes little sense if the best people didn’t apply in the first place.

In this important session, Lou will explore what drives the best people to consider your jobs and why a two-way consultative interview is essential to ensure candidates fully understand the role, are properly assessed, and most important, accept your offers for the right reasons.

Here are some of the big topics will cover in this Hire with Your Head book club session.

  • How to prevent a repeat of the next #greatresignation
  • Five critical steps for implementing a Win-Win Hiring strategy
  • Measuring and maximizing Quality of Hire
  • Cutting your enormous budget for bad hires in half!


NOTE: To get full value from this program it's best if you read Lou Adler's Hire with Your Head (4th ed.Wiley).

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