Book Club: Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head

Recording of last months Book Club session

Webinar: Lou Adler's Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head Book Club

Webinar Date/Time: June 22, 2022, 9am Pacific


Addressing Hiring Manager and Candidate Concerns and Objections

A major segment of our Performance-based Hiring workshop for recruiters and hiring managers is addressing candidate concerns and objections like “What’s the compensation?” and “I’m happy where I am.” The idea behind this is that if you can’t address these issues candidates will opt-out before they learn if the role is a worthy career move or not.

In this month’s book club we’ll turn the tables and focus on how to address hiring manager reasons for rejecting candidates for invalid and flawed reasons. This could be due to weak interviewing skills, bias or lack of understanding of real job needs. Addressing this issue is of vital importance, especially when hiring more diverse and non-traditional candidates becomes a strategic necessity.

Some Additional Topics

  • Why great candidates rarely become great hires
  • The best question of all time to determine exceptional team skills


NOTE: To get full value from this program it's best if you read Lou Adler's Hire with Your Head (4th ed.Wiley).

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