Book Club: Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head

March 1st recording of last Book Club session using ChatGPT 101

Webinar: Lou Adler's Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head Book Club

Webinar Date/Time: May 11, 2023, 8:50am Pacific


Leveraging ChatGPT to Make Better Hiring Decisions

In this edition of the Hire with Your Head  virtual book club, Lou Adler will focus on some major changes now taking place in the talent market. This event is designed for hiring managers, recruiters and job seekers who want to achieve more Win-Win Hiring outcomes. This means hiring success is measured on the first year anniversary date, not the start date.

ChatGPTHere are some of the key topics we’ll be discussing at this important program:

  • Using the Hiring Formula for Success to Assess Fit, Satisfaction and Performance
  • The Most Important Interview Question of All Time
  • Converting Traditional Job Descriptions into Career Moves


NOTE: To get full value from this program it's best if you read Lou Adler's Hire with Your Head (4th ed.Wiley).

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