Book Club: Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head

Webinar: Lou Adler's Fourth Edition Hire with Your Head Book Club

Webinar Date/Time: January 19, 2022, 9am Pacific


Define Success, Not Skills

In this Hire with Your Head book club session, we’ll be describing what it takes to open the talent pool to more talented and more diverse people. Before attending this session be sure to purchase either the Kindle or print version of Hire with Your Head. If you read the first few chapters and download the Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard, you’ll get great value from this book club session.

The key to attracting stronger talent is to define the role as a series of challenging performance objectives rather than a bland list of skills and experiences. By assessing a candidate’s past performance doing comparable work you’ll able to achieve more Win-Win Hiring outcomes.

There is a complimentary preview of this approach on our Win-Win Hiring learning platform in the Performance-based Interview course. Check this out before the January 19th meeting and share your actual experiences at the session.

NOTE: To participate you must have purchased a copy of Lou Adler's Fourth Edition of Hire with Your Head.

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