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Performance-based Hiring Pilot

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Performance-based Hiring Pilot Program

There is little question that AI will have a huge impact on the future of hiring and recruiting. The value of strategic hiring decisions will soon surpass simple cost considerations. A forward-thinking talent strategy is essential, not just to fill roles but to attract diverse, long-term talent. AI will be a game-changer in this process. This shift will make hiring managers more accountable, ensuring hiring becomes a top company priority.

However, we’ve already seen company’s emphasize efficiency improvements of existing hiring practices rather than a complete redesign of the underlying hiring system itself. The purpose of this pilot program is to determine if Performance-based Hiring can become the new business process for hiring using AI to seamlessly link all of the tools, technologies and steps involved.

  • These results are based on over one thousand different search projects with companies and staffing firms that have used Performance-based Hiring
  • Performance-based Hiring works but it’s labor intensive. The big benefits:
  • Fewer hiring mistakes

  • Increase job satisfaction and performance

  • More accurate and unbiased interviews

  • Reduced turnover

  • The purpose of the pilot is to validate the before and after results shown in the infographic when AI is used in combination with Performance-based Hiring
  • Once validated, we’ll work with our clients to implement the process into their ATS and related HR tech systems.

Why Performance-based Hiring is the Future

  • The emphasis is on long-term Win-Win Hiring outcomes. It’s designed to maximize Gallup’s Q12 post-hire by addressing the same issues pre-hire.

  • On over one-thousand different hiring case studies Performance-based Hiring has been shown to improve every measure of hiring success by 50-100% including improving quality of hire, increasing job satisfaction, improving on-the-job performance and reducing turnover.

  • It’s a fully integrated business process from the moment a requisition is opened and throughout every step in the hiring process up-to including the onboarding and post-hire performance management and employee development process. There is no other system that address each of the steps in sequential fashion based on the how the strongest people change jobs and compare offers.

  • It’s been fully validated by the top labor law firm in the U.S. and by top OD psychologists as to what drives human behavior and on-the-job performance.

The Future of Hiring Pilot Program Overview

  • Select 6-12 teams of recruiters and hiring managers working on a series of different positions that reflect the bulk of a company’s hiring requirements.

  • Conduct a full-immersion Performance-based Hiring workshop where these hiring teams are trained, coached and guided through the entire process. While the workshop is a two-day live event, total support will cover 2-3 months to complete the search process.

  • In parallel to the above, we’ll determine how all of the Performance-based Hiring tools, guides, online trainings and interview guides can be embedded into the company’s ATS and related technologies including the company’s career sites.

  • We’ll track critical metrics to determine the success of the program. Some of this metrics include pre- and post-hire candidate satisfaction, pre- and post-hire hiring manager satisfaction, OTJ success, interviewing accuracy, quality of hire, and turnover.

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