The purpose of this program is to validate Performance-based Hiring as an effective strategy for raising a company’s talent level. This is done in a staged sequence of steps to obtain the support of line management, develop the cost vs. benefit analysis, and determine the integration and rollout plan.

Phase 1 – Recruiter Training, Certification, and Proof of Concept

  • Recruiters attend Performance-based Hiring for Recruiters Performance-based Hiring Implementation
    Online/Onsite and become Performance-based Hiring certified.
  • With our support, recruiters work with hiring managers on a challenging search project from opening the requisition to completing the assignment.
  • Critical performance metrics are tracked and used to develop the cost benefit analysis for moving forward.

Phase 2 – Small-scale Pilot Validation

  • Performance-based Hiring ImplementationBased on the results of Phase 1, the process is customized to address the needs of a broader group of positions and different hiring managers (15-20).
  • As part of this, consideration is given to any major hiring challenges the company is facing, including diversity hiring, integration with current interviewing processes, and adaptation of the company’s competency model.
  • We work closely with recruiting leadership to develop the business case and ROI for implementing Performance-based Hiring companywide.

Phase 3 – Strategy Development and Process Reengineering Plan

Performance-based Hiring Implementation Phase

  • At the business level, the purpose of Phase 3 is to evaluate the business implications of implementing a “Raising the Talent Bar” strategy. The goal is to demonstrate that Performance-based Hiring can be used for a variety of positions including expanding a company’s ability to find and hire more diverse, minority and returning military candidates.
  • Part of Phase 3 is to determine the degree of integration required with the company’s existing hiring tools and processes including adaptation of the company’s competency model. Compliance and validation issues also need to be addressed in this phase.


Phase 4 – Business Integration and Rollout

Performance-based Hiring Implementation Phase

  • The purpose of Phase 4 is to fully establish Performance-based Hiring as the company’s primary business process for all aspects of sourcing, recruiting, and staff selection. As part of this, all managers are trained in the process, performance-based job descriptions are used to open requisitions, and the performance-based interview and evidence-based selection process is the basis of all selection decisions.