I uploaded this PDF describing the 12 factors in our Hiring Effectiveness Index (HEI) into ChatGPT. I then asked if the scoring system would help a company identify potential problems in its current hiring processes.

It’s response was totally unexpected.

The factors in the HEI address all of the critical steps in the hiring process from opening a requisition to measuring success on the 1st year anniversary date. That’s called a Win-Win Hiring outcome.

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I then asked ChatGPT if implementing Performance-based Hiring would help improve its overall hiring effectiveness. It didn’t create the graphic, but it agreed with the impact. It especially highlighted the importance of the job analysis as the glue that tied the overall process together from beginning to end.

Without this critical step, hiring success is problematic.

The graphic shown is a consolidated version of dozens of our clients who have implemented Performance-based Hiring. It shows their cumulative before and after results. From what we’ve seen the impact is consistent for all types of jobs and across all types of companies and industries.

To get started with this process, rank your company’s hiring processes on the 12 factors shown in the table below on a 1-10 scale. In this case a 1-2 is pretty bad, a 4-6 is okay and an 8 or better is superb.

The Hiring Effectiveness Index

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To figure out what to do next, upload this Hiring Effectiveness Index PDF into ChatGPT along with your scores for each of the factors. Then ask these two questions:

  • Given these scores what do we need to do first to get better hiring results?
  • Would Performance-based Hiring help us accelerate this change?

Just doing these two things will change everything for you and your company with respect to hiring stronger people. Here’s our help button in case you need it.