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How Recruiters Can Drive Diversity Efforts

How Recruiters Can Drive Diversity Efforts

The entire recruiting and staffing industry has been upended in the past few months. Live recruiting events and conferences have been canceled. Some recruiting teams are scaling back or putting projects on hold, while others are focusing on reskilling or redeploying teammates to other business priorities. On top of this, we’re also seeing a trend towards a hiring manager do-it-yourself model that basically bypasses the recruiter and sourcer entirely. However, we are seeing one big area of opportunity: Recruiters who are true value-added partners to their hiring managers by sourcing, recruiting, and closing outstanding talent — especially diverse talent. These recruiters are in high-demand and this demand is increasing. But being successful in this new opportunity requires a different set of skills and competencies. By benchmarking best practices, we’ve been able to capture these skills in our new “Recruiter of the Future” competency model. Download it here and be sure to sign up for our ongoing series of webcasts. (The next one is July 29, 2020, but if you can’t make it, you’ll still be able to find the recording.) The metric of success in this competency model isn’t jobs filled on time and at the lowest cost, but quality of hire and job satisfaction on the candidate’s first-year anniversary date, not their start date. We refer to this idea as “Win-Win Hiring.” A successful Win-Win Hiring outcome occurs after one year when the hiring manager fully agrees the new hire is an outstanding performer and the new employee is

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