Recruiter Competency Model

The Adler Group's Recruiter  Competency Model

Here are the 12 recruiter competencies that we have established as most important, based on our performance-based hiring certification workshops:

  1. Motivated to excel. Persistent, doesn’t take no for an answer.
  2. Industry and company expert. Someone worth knowing. Trusted advisor.
  3. Influences hiring manager and hiring team on all hiring related decisions. Every candidate recommended is interviewed. Minimizes interviews per hire.
  4. Understands real job needs at technical and results level. Not a box checker.
  5. Prepares robust, insightful sourcing and branding plans to attract all potential candidates.
  6. Uses advanced social media and marketing tools to find best active candidates.
  7. Boolean and email marketing expert to find and attract top passive candidates.
  8. Has mastered the art of networking to identify and recruit outstanding passive candidates.
  9. Great organizer. On top of all issues, always. Doesn’t waste time presenting weak candidates.
  10. Leverages technology (LinkedIn, ATS, CRM) to maximize candidate quality and personal productivity.
  11. Accurate and insightful interviewer. Focuses on performance, fit and motivation. Predicted performance turns out to be extremely accurate.
  12. With passive candidates: a great recruiter, negotiator and exceptional closer.

Here’s a sample form of this competency model.


Four-Minute Video Overview

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