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Permission to Link

Reprinting any of Lou Adler’s articles without a license is strictly prohibited. You are, however, permitted to summarize the key points of any article in less than 200 words, and provide a link to the original article. As part of this, you must clearly credit the author and include the title of the article. Use the following language as part of your article summary:

Article Summary Permission Language

Permission has been granted from The Adler Group and Lou Adler, author of Hire With Your Head and The Essential Guide to Hiring & Getting Hired, to summarize this article. Here's the link to the original article - [link].

Let us know where the content will be printed.

Send a quick email to with the name and date of the publication in which the reprint will appear. If you have any questions regarding the reprint policy or procedures, please contact The Adler Group at 949-612-6300.