How to Predict and Achieve More Win-Win Hiring Outcomes

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Win-Win Hiring


Factors to measure On the Job PerformanceA Win-Win Hiring outcome means the hiring manager and the new hire both agree it was the right decision one year into the job. While defining hiring success at the one year anniversary date rather than the start date is a worthy goal, it requires some significant process reengineering efforts to achieve it on a consistent basis. The first step is recognizing what works and what doesn’t.

It took me 30 years tracking candidates I’ve known and interviewed to make this table showing the best and worst predictors of on-the-job success.

Most of the problems listed occur when interviewers don’t fully understand the job and, as a result, substitute their biases and pet questions to make the assessment.

Here are some things you can do to implement Win-Win Hiring at your company:


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