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Using Metrics to Achieve Win-Win Hiring Outcomes

It’s important to recognize that in any process design effort, success depends more on where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

Long, long ago in a career now nearly forgotten, I had the opportunity to work in a number of different types of high-volume manufacturing organizations including consumer electronics and automotive. Metrics were used to keep the manufacturing lines humming or shut down when bad parts were being produced … read full article

Why Eminent Harvard Prof Endorses Performance-based Hiring as the Complete Solution to the Talent Crisis

Esteemed Harvard Professor Blasts Current Hiring Practices

Well Professor Todd Rose, the author of The End of Average, doesn’t actually blast behavioral interviewing, the use of statistics, assessment tests and job descriptions – he just diplomatically suggests … read more

Increase Interviewing Accuracy using Performance-based Interviewing

The Complete 2-Question Interview

Before I got into the training of recruiters and hiring managers and writing books about the trials and tribulations of all this, I was a full-time executive recruiter, for 25 years. Part of this was becoming a better interviewer than my hiring manager clients to ensure good candidates didn’t get …read more

How to Measure and Maximize Quality of Hire

If You’re Not Measuring Quality of Hire, You’re Not Hiring the Best People

The big idea behind developing a quality of hire metric is to compare the candidate’s actual past performance to some predefined level of great performance. Few would argue that measuring Quality of Hire (QoH) is of critical importance for determining if a company’s hiring programs are effective …read more

Attract and Hire More Passive Candidates Using a Performance-based Job Description

Let’s Fix It: End the Talent Shortage by Hiring for Results, Not Skills

Long ago, I was a full-time executive recruiter. At one meeting for a VP Marketing search for an industrial products company, I was given 30 minutes to make my pitch. In the room was the CEO plus all of his senior staff. To start the session, I… read more

Are Your Recruiters Skilled Enough to Recruit the Best Talent?

Where Do You Rank in the Competency Model for Recruiting Passive Candidates?

Recently I introduced the concept of the Talent Sweet Spot – the place where the people in the top 25% of the talent market “hang out.” When it comes to this top 25 percentile, it is easy to find out who they are, but because they are passive candidates, it takes a truly skilled recruiter to … read more

Developing a Sourcing to Target the Entire Talent Market

Hiring Better Talent Begins with a Better Strategy

I recently wrote a post describing why good people underperform. These were the top reasons. The job was poorly defined. The new person didn’t mesh with the hiring manager’s style. The candidate took the job for short-term convenience reasons. The interview focused on assessing … read more

Job Branding Trumps Employer Branding for Attracting Superior Talent

10 Clues Your Company’s Hiring Practices Are Stuck in the 70's

I’m still amazed that many companies are still in the dark ages when it comes to hiring. Your company qualifies for this categorization if you still post skills-laden job descriptions and use generic boilerplate for employer branding. Since these only appeal to those who are actively seeking … read more

Are Your Hiring Managers the Solution or the Problem

Improving Quality of Hire Requires Better Jobs, Better Recruiters and Better Hiring Managers

When everyone has the same tools, uses the same job boards and has access to the same candidates, everyone will get average results. I contend this is the underlying reason for LinkedIn’s recent dramatic price drop. On top of this, consider that despite all of the new hiring tools developed in… read more

How to Determine the Enormous ROI of Hiring the A-Team

The ROI and Financial Impact of Hiring the A-Team

I must be a Neanderthal when it comes to hiring. I still don’t understand why so many companies focus more on the cost of hiring rather than the impact the people hired can make. For example, consider this scenario: At $100,000 per person, the compensation spend for every 100 staff-level hires is… read more

Recruiting Metrics that Drive Quality of Hire

The 6 Recruiting Metrics That Really Matter

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking with talent leaders from different companies around the world. The topics have ranged from developing a master recruiting blueprint to tracking recruiter performance one assignment at time. Unsurprisingly, everyone has different ideas, different …read more