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"Almost Daily Recruiting Show"

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On a somewhat irregular basis Lou Adler interviews executive leaders focusing on the critical hiring issues facing companies and job seekers alike. The recordings below are some of the best of these interviews. You’ll be automatically redirected to these recordings after completing the registration form below.

  • Jerome Ternynck, CEO of - July 8
  • Josh Bersin, CEO of Josh Bersin Academy - July 15
  • Kevin Parker, CEO of HireVue - July 23
  • David Goldstein, Co-Chair, OFCCP Practice Group, Littler Mendelson - July 30

Discuss this critical initiative: Diversity Hiring by Design

Developing a hiring process that opens the talent pool to everyone who’s qualified to do the work regardless of race, gender, age, physical challenges or sexual preference without compromising ability, performance and potential.

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