The Future of Work Recruiting Leadership Council –

As part of the 4th edition of Hire with Your Head (John Wiley & Sons, 2021) we’ve created a Recruiting Leadership Council to ensure we cover the important hiring challenges we are facing today and will face in 2021 and beyond.

workquakeThese programs are complimentary. Due to the small size of the groups they’re restricted to talent and HR leaders and business executives. During these private sessions we discuss some difficult hiring challenges and try to develop unique solutions that can be tested out.

In our upcoming session on October 7, 2021, Steve Cadigan, the author of Workquake, will be our guest. In his outstanding book about the future of work, Steve contends that companies should offer work that provides “continuous learning” opportunities for everyone. During this Q&A session will explore these ideas more thoroughly. Here are some of the big topics:

Future of Work Agenda Topics

  1. Diversity Hiring. How will this continuous learning mindset impact a company’s ability to accelerate and improve its diversity hiring efforts?
  1. Achieving Consistent Win-Win Hiring Outcomes. Measuring hiring success on the first-year anniversary date rather than the start date changes the entire hiring process. This seems to be one way to implement a continuous learning goal.
  2. The Impact on Passive Candidate Recruiting. What do recruiters need to do to become talent partners with their hiring managers and a career advisor to their most outstanding candidates?
  3. Leveraging Technology. Figuring out what HR tech works best and how to make it work better.

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