Recruiting Leadership Council

November 30, 2022 at 9am (PT)

Rethinking Your Company's Talent Strategy

In this session, we’ll make the case that the root cause of most hiring problems attributed to the #greatresignation can be traced back to a problem with a company’s hiring strategy.

Simply put, when the demand for talent exceeds the supply, you need to focus on attracting the best, not getting better at weeding out the weak. Given this point of view, using HR Tech to be super-efficient at eliminating unqualified people who have applied to your jobs makes little sense if the best people didn’t apply in the first place. Getting them to apply is the key, and this usually requires some high-touch process led by the recruiting team.

In this strategic session, we’ll explore what drives the best people to consider your jobs and why a two-way consultative interview is essential to ensure candidates fully understand the role, are properly assessed, and most important, accept your offers for the right reasons. As you’ll discover by spending more team with fewer, but all prequalified candidates, it’s possible to attract and hire more outstanding and diverse people.

  • A scarcity of talent strategy will prevent a repeat of the next #greatresignation.
  • Five critical steps for implementing a Win-Win Hiring strategy.
  • What it takes to source, assess and recruit more passive, top-performing and diverse prospects.
  • Determining what skills recruiters need to have to source and recruit the strongest, and most likely passive, candidates. (This recruiter competency model will help you rank your recruiting team.)

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