Performance-based Hiring Meets XOR

Performance-based Hiring


Performance-based Hiring Meets XOR – September 10, 2020

If you’ve followed Lou Adler, you know he only endorses technology products that meet these conditions:

  1. They are designed to address the unique needs of recruiting outstanding passive candidates who have multiple opportunities.
  2. They open the talent pool to diverse talent who possess a different mix of skills and experiences.
  3. They embed the high-touch approach required to convert remarkable people into serious candidates.
  4. They provide a structured Performance-based interviewing process to minimizes bias and accurately predict performance.

XOR is one such product that meets these conditions. You’ll find out why and how at this special webcast.

Here are the big reasons Lou finds XOR and invaluable tool for every recruiter and hiring managers who do their own recruiting:

  • The chatbot has a built-in logic system that quickly identifies the strongest candidates and automatically schedules video phone screens.
  • The interviewer (either the recruiter or hiring manager) is guided step-by-step during the video interview to ensure the candidate is both properly recruited and accurately assessed.
  • The platform centralizes all recruiter communication including email, texting, calling, and video conferencing keeping candidate conversations personalized, timely, and consistent.
  • Calling candidates through XOR includes automated note-taking so recruiters can focus on the conversation, and you have the option to record phone calls for coaching.

The future of recruiter is undergoing massive change. XOR and Performance-based Hiring are helping accelerate it.

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