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"Diversity Hiring by Design" Leadership Group – August 20, 2020

We held our first “Diversity Hiring by Design” leadership council session on July 21, 2020. This was a foundational session based on real-world insight from a diverse panel of experts. You’ll be a automatically redirected to a link to view this recording after completing the registration form for our August session. The purpose of this group is not intended to be a feel good approach that replaces talk with action, instead here’s the big goal:

“Diversity Hiring by Design” Performance Objective

Within 6-12 months, design and pilot a hiring process that opens the talent pool to everyone who’s qualified to do the work regardless of race, gender, age, physical challenges or sexual orientation without compromising ability, performance or potential.

There were a number of big takeaways from the last session, the biggest: The executive team needs to understand the strategic imperative of building a diverse workforce and provide full support to get it going and even more when it falters.

Contact us for the full action list. It will be a helpful launching pad for your company’s own D&I program. Here’s a quick summary of the August meeting.

Expert Panelists

David Goldstein: Co-chair of the OFCCP practice group at Littler Mendelson. (Here's his whitepaper validating the diversity objective.)

The Topics

  • No more compliance excuses: what we can and can't do!
  • Traditional job descriptions listing skills, competencies, academics and experience are the problem, not the solution.
  • The big stumbling blocks to implementing an effective and successful “Diversity Hiring by Design" program.
  • Next steps including process design, prototyping, training and validation.


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