Spoiler alert. This could be scary. It represents the future of hiring.

I just used ChatGPT to fundamentally change how job candidates will be sourced, assessed, recruited and managed in the future. Here’s how to get started. If you dare.

  1. First, install a plugin like “WebPilot” that reads specific URLs. Then start a new chat.
  2. Use this prompt for ChatGPT, “Convert this job description into a performance-based job description highlighting the top three KPOs with an example of the results or deliverable.” Then insert the URL of the job posting.
  3. Then ask ChatGPT what are the top three super skills needed to handle the technical aspects of this job.
  4. Dialog with the chatbot to develop 3-4 achiever terms that indicates a person is in the top tier of their peer group.
  5. Have the chatbot create the Employee Value Proposition.
  6. Ask the chatbot to combine all of the above into a compelling story as an email describing why this job could represent a true career move.
  7. Then have the chatbot rewrite your job posting to reflect all of the above and how candidates need to apply using a sample of their work rather than a resume.

These steps will allow you to begin attracting stronger candidates. At our Hire with Your Head users group we’ll demonstrate a few more GAI techniques including how to write Boolean strings to identify candidates who would see this role as a career move, and how to interview and recruit these candidates and get referrals.

Here’s another on the tip, tip. I just tried out this idea on how to rank a candidate using our Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard. After uploading the scorecard using the Webpilot plugin I asked ChatGPT to develop a list of questions to ask candidates and what evidence would be needed to rank candidates on the 1-5 scale shown.

Recognize that this is just the tip of the GAI hiring iceberg. For example, if you have a big talent pool in your ATS you could use Code Interpreter to review the list and have it suggest who is now ready to change jobs and would meet all of the criteria for an outstanding performer for an open job.

Yes, the water’s cold but it’s important to dive in now to see what’s below the tip. It represents the future of hiring.