Shared Search

Performance-based Hiring Shared Search – "Learn by Doing"

Discover a Whole New Way to Hire Top Talent
  • Combine Search with Recruiter Training
  • Learn How to Hire Great People by Watching Us Do It
  • No Extra Fees for The Training
  • Maximize Quality of Hire at the Lowest Possible Cost
  • Find Out How to Engage Your Hiring Managers at Every Step

We bring it all together. And the Performance-based Hiring Shared Search is ONLY available through The Adler Group!

The Adler Group’s New Performance-based Hiring Shared Search Program

Our shared search program is different and much more collaborative than any other. In our model we work with a group of corporate recruiters and hiring managers on an active search project while training them at the same time. This is a great way to get everyone up to speed quickly using the principles of Performance-based Hiring.

Its a Win-Win-Win

Win 1: You get Top Talent. We use the Performance-based Hiring process for each search we conduct. We’ve been using this methodology with large and small companies to raise the talent bar for all types of positions. It consistently delivers top talent!

Win 2: Engage your Hiring Managers. We’ll work with your hiring managers to create the performance profile for each position, identify the key reasons a top person would want the position, and coach the entire interview team through the interview and assessment process using our Performance-based Interview and Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard.

Win 3: Your recruiters get a front row seat to learn from the best. We’ll show your recruiters exactly how we find, qualify, phone screen, and close top talent. Nothing will be left to the imagination. You’ll see the Performance-based Hiring process in action from the first step of the process to the hiring of a top individual. And the best part is that your recruiters will be able to do it for themselves the next time around. A rapid learning approach will be used to bring recruiters and hiring managers up to speed on what’s needed to source, recruit, interview, and hire top performers.

Our fee depends on the degree of our involvement in the project, but embedding the training with an active search is a great way to get recruiters, hiring managers, and the interviewing team working together and on the same page instantly.