I asked ChatGPT to write a story based on this post and the image below. It seems quite relevant today given that fact that most people are unhappy with their jobs. The theme: Time is your most valuable, don’t waste it. Given that. I’d rank number five as the most important. – LA, August 21, 2023.


In a bustling city, Sarah, a talented software engineer, found herself at a crossroads. She had been working at a renowned tech company for three years, but something felt amiss. The compensation was generous, and her peers often envied her paycheck. However, deep down, she felt a void that money couldn’t fill.

One evening, after a particularly grueling day at work, Sarah met her old college friend, Maya, at a local café. Maya had always been the adventurous one, hopping from one job to another, always in search of something more meaningful. Sarah, on the other hand, had always played it safe.

As they sipped their coffees, Sarah confided in Maya about her growing dissatisfaction. Maya listened intently and then took out a piece of paper. She drew a chart, listing factors like Compensation, Hiring Manager and Team, Work Itself, Growth Opportunity, Work-Life Balance, and Company Culture. She asked Sarah to rank each factor on a scale of 1 to 5.

Sarah hesitated for a moment and then began. While her compensation scored a perfect 5, other factors like the Work Itself and Growth Opportunity barely made a 2. The total score was revealing.

Maya leaned in and said, “Sarah, too many people make strategic career decisions using tactical information. They emphasize the start date compensation package rather than selecting a job that puts them on the best career trajectory.”

Sarah looked at the chart and realized that she had been one of those people. She had been so focused on the immediate rewards that she had overlooked the long-term benefits of job satisfaction, growth, and fulfillment.

A few months later, Sarah made a bold move. She left her high-paying job and joined a startup that aligned more with her values and aspirations. She took a modest pay cut, but the work was invigorating, the team was supportive, and the growth opportunities were abundant.

Years later, Sarah looked back at that pivotal moment with gratitude. She had learned that true career satisfaction comes not from chasing after the highest paycheck but from finding a role that aligns with one’s values, passions, and long-term goals. And in that, she found her true trajectory to success.