Evidence-based Interviewing

The Best Companies use Performance-based Interviewing Companywide... You Should Too.

Real Proof that Performance-based Interviewing is Superior

Performance-based interview is more effective on all these factors and less costly:Performance-based Hiring

  • Improved interviewing accuracy by assessing fit, motivation and ability against real job needs using our evidence-based Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard.
  • Since it's far simpler to learn and use, hiring manager adoption rates are far greater than other interviewing approaches.
  • Recruiting, negotiating and closing is embedded in the process by demonstrating to the candidate the job offers a career move.
  • Fewer offers rejected and more accepted by making compensation a secondary criteria and career growth the primary one.
  • Improve candidate on-the job satisfaction by clarifying job expectations before the person is hired. According to Gallup this is the #1 driver of on-the-job satisfaction.
  • Increase quality of hire by demonstrating the leadership qualities of the hiring manager during the interview. The best people want to work for the best managers.
  • Reduce errors due to emotional bias. Too many managers still hire the best presenter not the best performer. The built in tools automatically correct for bias.
  • Open the candidate pool to more passive, more diverse, more non-traditional and high potential candidates. By measuring what people can do rather than what they have you remove the lid on quality of hire.
  • Act as bridge from the interview to the onboarding process. There should be no surprise about the content and context of the job when the person starts.
  • Since candidates don't make the acceptance decision alone, we give the candidate the information needed to convince these advisors that the job is superior to all competing opportunities by making compensation a non-issue.

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Still Need More Proof?

Resources & Books

Here are some compelling resources to help illustrate why your company should implement Performance-based Interviewing and Hiring today.

If your current interviewing process is not fully adopted by your hiring managers or you’re not fully satisfied with your results, contact us. We’ll be happy to arrange a similar proof of concept using some of your toughest search projects as the benchmark.

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